Why GoSun Is The Best Triple Bottom Line Company

Why GoSun Is The Best Triple Bottom Line Company

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The world is changing, apparent every day in the products on the shelves and how people use them to navigate the world. At the forefront of that change are companies that offer unique products, mission statements, and structures. GoSun is one of these companies. The outdoor recreation brand has created solar appliances that lead the charge in changing the world for the better. They envision a planet free from fossil fuel dependency, one that embraces solar, and offer independence and resilience

Companies can initiate change with the next best thing, like the smartphone, the lightbulb, or the electric car. GoSun’s breakthrough solar technology is certainly the next best thing for many who enjoy outdoor recreation. But the team at GoSun knows real change comes from the next best set of values. They take things one step further. Take a look at the companies rising through the ranks around you. What are they working toward? Where is their focus? Times have changed, and one bottom line isn't enough. The world is seeing an increase in triple bottom line companies, just like GoSun. They embody the trifecta of prioritizing people, the planet, and profits.

GoSun is an ideal example of what it means to be a triple bottom line company. By investing in their products and joining their mission, anyone can be a part of the future of outdoor recreation.


What Is a Triple Bottom Line Company?

A triple bottom line company is one that places as much importance on people and the planet as they do on profits! Traditional companies only emphasize a single bottom line: profits. Companies like GoSun take this one step further by equating social and environmental impacts with the dollar sign.

Companies that embody what it means to have a triple bottom line:

  • Make or offer products that positively impact the planet
  • Consider their “people,” including employees, customers, and the general population
  • Focus on increasing profits, but do not focus on profits over the well-being of the planet and the people who live on it

Is Triple Bottom Line the Same As ESG?

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is often equated to triple bottom line companies, but they are different. Triple bottom line companies only focus on environmental and social impacts. Triple bottom line companies tend to stay out of changing governance. Many believe this "ES" mindset actually offers a better measuring stick for impact.

In the past, business leaders thought that the triple bottom line approach would hurt profits. Now, history is showing that isn’t true. More and more investors believe that ESG and triple bottom line companies lower risk within their portfolios. They are seeking out companies that focus on environmental and social concerns. ESG and triple bottom line companies are the future.

Commitment to the planet and the people makes an impact on profits, as GoSun has shown since its creation.


Profits: GoSun Is Growing, Fast.

As the leading innovative brand in Solar Appliances, GoSun is carving out a place for itself in the $450B+ outdoor recreation industry. Its growth is unstoppable, and the company has reported a 50% sales increase over 2020. In 2021, they brought in $5.87M in revenue. Investors have continued to verify this path of impactful growth. GoSun has now raised $1.8 million during the past year. Over 100,000 of GoSun products have been sold in 70 countries across the globe, providing more access to clean outdoor recreation gear than ever before.


Planet: How GoSun’s Products Are Benefitting the Earth

At the heart of GoSun is a passion for the environment. The world needs more clean energy. There’s no way around it! Every device that uses clean energy reduces dependence on oil and keeps the air cleaner. GoSun is proud to dedicate its mission to the planet.

Traditional ovens, chargers, and other outdoor recreation gear require access to power sources. Generators and gas contribute gasses that contribute to climate change and pollute the air every time you turn on the grill. GoSun does away with all the inconvenience of hooking up to traditional power sources. With no fossil fuel necessary, consumers will not have to buy or dispose of anything on their outdoor adventures. They can simply unpack, enjoy the day, pack up, and leave no trace.


People: How GoSun Gives Back

GoSun isn’t just about what it brings in. It’s what it puts out into the world. GoSun wants to provide products that other people can actually access and use. Portable, versatile, and cost-effective, GoSun products can reach the people who need them. The company helps people every day cook their food, clean their water, and power their lifestyles. Anyone can use GoSun products - wherever they are, and even if the power goes out.

Besides the products, what GoSun shares with its people is fuel to keep growing and keep making an impact.. The company also aims to be at the forefront of delivering accessible solar solutions to developing nations around the world. It donates to nonprofits regularly, most recently benefiting refugee groups from Ukraine. GoSun’s efforts have been recognized by the United Nations Clean Cooking Alliance, UNDP, the American Red Cross, Global Empowerment Mission, Trees for the Future, and more. Furthermore, the products made by GoSun are ideal for off-grid independence, relieving climate change and for disaster relief.


…And They're Just Getting Started

The team at GoSun is so proud of all that they have been able to accomplish, but they are far from done. GoSun’s products, commitment to people, and commitment to the planet are often compared to the early days of Tesla. They love this comparison, but we know that the stories of GoSun and Tesla differ wildly. GoSun started in a Cincinnati garage with a simple dream to become one of the hottest ways to enjoy outdoor recreation without leaving any trace. However, just like Tesla created a better way to drive, GoSun has now created a better way to cook, a better way to cool, a better way to purify water, a better way to charge, and soon, a better way to travel.

Want to check out GoSun products? They are all available here. Enjoy the outdoors, do your part to prevent climate change, and become more resilient.

Want to be a part of the solar revolution? It’s even easier to invest in GoSun with StartEngine. For as little as $250, one can join over 2,500 investors and help us reach even more people. GoSun isn’t just about delivering high-quality products to people around the world. GoSun will change the way the world uses solar, from the individual consumer to entire countries. That’s what being a triple bottom line company is all about: people, the planet, and profits. GoSun is doing it all. Ready to join them?



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