Why Solar Energy Is a Good Investment During Times of Inflation and Uncertainty

Why Solar Energy Is a Good Investment During Times of Inflation and Uncertainty

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Is investing in solar energy the right choice considering that the possibility of inflation is high? 20% of Households across the globe are currently reducing food and medicine purchases to help pay for their energy bills. However, by implementing clean energy usage, one can cut down on rising gas and utility bills.

The lowest cost and easiest way to implement clean energy, is to go solar. And the lowest cost way to start to go solar is by becoming more energy independent by investing in small solar products. In this article, you will learn about the reasons why investing in Gosun’s solar energy is beneficial and why you should invest. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Benefits of Using Gosun’s Solar Energy

1. Low Maintenance Costs

The best feature of Gosun’s solar-powered products is that they are renewable and have low or no maintenance costs once implemented. In contrast, unrenewable sources of energy such as coal and fossil fuels must continuously be extracted, transported, combusted, and distributed to society.

A great example would be Gosun’s Solar Kitchen, once it’s established in your home, you won’t ever have to worry about electricity, propane or charcoal costs again which helps you save money in the long run while also keeping the environment a safer place for future generations.

2. A Hedge Against Rising Fuel Costs

During 2022, in which we saw the advancement of Russia’s military force in Ukraine, the average gas price increased by 60%. Indeed in Europe, prices for gas have ranged from $7 to $9 per gallon - and Utilities bills have doubled! If one wants to hedge against higher prices, solar products can help. For example the Gosun Solar Oven never needs charcoal or propane and in the USA propane prices are now expected to rise over 50%. See Propane Price to Rise

The Most Abundant Source of Energy

The sun is the most abundant source of energy in the world since its light rays hit the earth every hour. This means that it can replace all sources of energy forever.

In contrast to fossil fuels, the sun has more than enough energy to supply the entire world's energy demands, and it won't run out anytime soon. The sole constraint on solar energy as a renewable resource is our capacity to efficiently and economically convert it to electricity, thermal energy, and storage. Gosun has created several products that are small, and extremely efficient.

3. Best For Emergencies

Even when conventional power networks fail, solar power systems may still supply electricity. However, if these are grid tied, your power can still go down. With the GoSun Grid, you become completely independent from the utility electricity grid with an off-grid solution. You will continue to have a supply of energy independent of the grid. Most recently when the hurricane hit in Puerto Rico, the only power that continued to generate was the solar systems.

Energy Independence

Every nation has the capacity to create energy since the sun shines everywhere, increasing both energy independence and security. Solar panels can be mounted on individual residences to provide electricity that is independent of being linked to a bigger electrical grid which is how most countries operate, thus solar energy doesn't just promise to deliver security and independence at the family level but also globally.

Increases Home Value

Because solar energy means there is less stress about power expenses, aspiring homeowners are more likely to be interested. Solar energy systems are now frequently valued by home appraisers more than their component and installation costs. Your home's value will increase thanks to your domestic solar energy system for many years to come. This is especially important for the real estate industry that’s always looking to increase the value of homes and make them attractive to potential homeowners.

Potential homebuyers are aware that their electric costs will be lower and that they won't need to worry about the initial investment and installation because a home is less dependent on the grid for electricity. In addition, homeowners wishing to sell their houses can figure in the money they spent on the solar panel or power system to add to the home’s selling price. In some areas, tax breaks are available to new homeowners when they get a return on their investment in a solar-powered house.

Why Should You Invest In GoSun?

1. GoSun's Growth Potential

With $5.87M in revenue in 2021, over 100,000 goods sold across 70 countries, and a 50% increase in sales over 2020, GoSun has a history of success. An established team (with several successful exits and public IPOs) has created a procedure for introducing technologies that use renewable energy to power basic necessities.

Gosun also has an established team (with several successful exits and public IPOs) and has created an innovative procedure for introducing technologies that use renewable energy to power basic necessities. See GoSun Startengine

2. Helps Solve the Real Problem of Climate Change

Traditional energy sources are insecure, cumbersome, and bad for the environment, therefore they can't meet today's demands. Grid power's supply chain is too extensive, too convoluted, and too frequently tainted to be trusted. Individual freedom has been destroyed by centralized utility power, and we are now trapped in needless, expensive, long-term debt.

An example of climate change affecting homes is the cost of cooling one’s home is rising rapidly and with the combination of electricity bills rising, it can be very challenging to find the funds to counteract this.

However, Gosun has developed Gosun Breeze which runs directly off the sun for over 5 days with its compact lithium battery and never requires electricity. This is one of the many solutions Gosun has provided against climate change and hopefully more to come in the future with the help of investments.

3. Positive Business Trajectory

Business more than doubled during the COVID-19 outbreak and with Gosun being centered around enjoying clean power, food, and drink while outside. GoSun expects these growth tendencies to persist as additional innovation is in the works. This is why GoSun is in the top 2% of all Kickstarter (Check out the newest innovation on Kickstarter) and Indiegogo crowdfunding launches thanks to its enormous, engaged audience, which has funded ten successful product launches and more to come. Visit: GoSun