The GoSun Fusion: The Successor to the GoSun Grill

April 27, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

The GoSun Fusion: The Successor to the GoSun Grill
GoSun has always been tinkering with our solar ovens and trying to create a product that has every feature our customers want. We consider the Fusion our flagship product because its lithium-ion battery stores solar energy and allows you to cook at night, a massive evolutionary step in solar cooking.
The Fusion wasn't always our top product, however. The Grill was originally our first attempt at a hybrid grill. It is the neanderthal to the Fusion's homo sapien. 
The Grill was our largest solar oven. It could bake, roast, and steam a meal for 6 people in just an hour. Weighing in at 30 pounds, it had a large-enough solar array to work on sunny or cloudy days.
However, the Grill didn't live up to the promise that the Fusion does. It couldn't effectively heat up at night. It was too large and too expensive due to its complex design. It was heavy and difficult to transport. 
If you do own a Grill, consider yourself a collector, because it has been discontinued permanently. The reason we did so is that the Fusion accomplishes every that the Grill was made to do but couldn't.
Here's why the Fusion is better:
  • Smaller size
  • Lower cost ($499 vs. $799)
  • Night cooking ability thanks to its 12V battery
  • Cookers faster
  • Weighs less, more portable
  • More durable (few complaints about the Fusion breaking)
  • More Versatility with cooking due to silicone pans 
  • Tilt kit for water heating.

The reason we are sharing this with you is that GoSun has a culture of experimentation and is always working toward designing the product that our customers want. If our product isn't right, then we want to redesign it (sometimes radically) to make our customers happy.

We're glad that you are with us on this journey and can't wait to share with you the other great products we are working on. 

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June 18, 2020

Hi Richard.
I would suggest you look up Zero Mass solar panels. Once you do that, I strongly suggest you look up the debunking video on you tube. This is a cool product, but it is essentially a ( way overpriced ) solar powered dehumidifier. From here, you and the people around you can probably come up with an actually affordable solution for your surroundings.
I know this is rather cryptic, however it has to be in order not to offend anyone.
Best of luck. You are surrounded by unguided genius and ingenuity.

Richard Nymeyer
Richard Nymeyer

April 30, 2020

Love the willingness to improve! I worked in Zaire Africa for 6 years as a Doctor and the fundamental need for clean safe water was a constant issue as well as firewood for cooking. The inhuman conditions the women went through daily to try and get just those 2 essentials took years as in 20 to 30 years off their lives with incredible suffering. I see your solid state refrigerator and your portable water for washing hands, so I am thinking you probably know where I am going with this . Using solar powered solid state refrigeration to extract water from the air. Are you or should I ask how far along are you on this one.? Machines already exist but use refrigerants ,The idea of solid state says cheaper and lighter to me. Looking for your creative geniuses minds to respond .😊 Thank you for your times For a more human safe world!

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