S1 Ep1: Welcome to the Solar Cooking Podcast!

September 24, 2018 1 min read

S1 Ep1: Welcome to the Solar Cooking Podcast!


Welcome to the first episode of the Solar Cooking Podcast! In this inaugural episode you'll meet the hosts Scott Rank, who is just learning about solar cooking, and Patrick Sherwin, who knows a lot because he has worked in the solar industry for several years and founded the company GoSun, which makes all sorts of solar cookers. 

In this episode Scott asks Patrick

  • Why solar cookers are so much better than conventional cookers
  • Problems with solar cookers on the market that he tried to solve with GoSun
  • His 40-day experiment to eat nothing but solar cooked food
  • Why solar cookers are just as important to the future of renewable energy as solar energy or electric cars

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