Solar Cooking Dehydrated Foods (Video)

Solar Cooking Dehydrated Foods (Video)

Freeze dried or dehydrated foods have come a long way in recent years. With more than a hand full of brands selling everything from indian korma to a full breakfast egg scrabble, these meals provide an excellent solution for time strapped GoSun-ers looking for a lightweight, fast and delicious meal on the go. With a 30 year lifespan, these dried nuggets of goodness can also provide a safety net for future emergencies.

One GoSun staff member reportedly keep a couple meals from Good-To-Go in her ProPack bag, along with sporks and spices, always ready to please in a pinch. (The Thai Curry Rice is reportedly a go-to.)

Even better, cooking a meal for two in the GoSun can take as little as 30 min. and requires almost no work! It’s easy:


Dehydrated and Freeze-dried Food Solar Cooking

1. Pick the Right Tray

Set up the stove as normal, preferably on a table top or stable surface. If possible use GoSun’s newly released high top cooking tray, though the classic baking tray will work just fine for most 2 person meals. Lining with parchment paper is also a great option to cut down on post-meal cleanup. 


2. Break Up Any Dried Spices 

The drying process can make sauces condense. Break up those chunks of goodness to make the flavoring even throughout your dish

Break Up Contents 


3. Add Any Spice or Fresh Additions

This is where you can get really creative! Cooking mushroom risotto? Throw in some diced Serrano peppers to kick it up a notch! Thai Rice? Thrown in an egg to give it a bit more body. The cooking process will essentially steam/roast whatever you add, so the options are limitless! 


4. Scatter Ingredients of Packet Evenly Inside of the Cooking Tray

To guarantee an even cook, lay in your ingredients along the length of the tray.

 Scatter Ingredients


5. Measure your Water (or don’t)

If convenient, measure out the needed water, or simply take a mental note on your water bottle’s capacity markings and eye ball it. Dehydrated foods are generally forgiving with a couple ounces.


6. Insert the Tray a Few Inches and Fill Evenly with Water

Insert  the first few inches of the tray so that it is extended from the tube and level. Pour in the water evenly across the tray.

Evenly Add Water GoSun Sport 


7. Set an Alarm

30 Minutes is a good benchmark to return for testing.


8. Dispense and Enjoy!

You can eat directly from the tray (great for sailboats) or tilt the tray vertical to dispense the food into a bowl. Just remember to remove the bottom sections first, let the food slide into the bowl(s).  

To get an idea of the variety and deliciousness of the options out there check out the award winning dehydrated gourmet options at Good-To-Go as well as the prolific section at Emergency Essentials.


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