Meet the GoSun Chill

A Solar Cooler That Doesn't Need Ice

Never buy ice again - A portable cooler designed to keep food cold or frozen, dry, and organized.

Backyard or making camp in the great outdoors, the GoSun Chill Solar Cooler can ensure you won’t need to trek far for snacks and drinks.

Coolers are a pain in the ICE...

This is the best way to
make sure your investment in food is safe.  No more worries about
crushing and freezing the food that's touching the ice or having to
organize the sandwiches so they aren't drenched by the time you get
there.  Food always looks good going in, but not so good when it
comes time to eat it.

Multi-Modal Power, means you've got options

GoSun Chill can be powered by multiple power sources, including: Powerbank, AC Adapter, 12 Volt Cord (car port charger), Solar Table, or Flexible Solar Panels. This way, you can access the most convenient power sources when you need it. To charge the Powerbank, plug in the included AC Adapter into any wall socket (100-250VAC) or use one of our two solar charging options - the Solar Table or Flexible Solar Panel.

Same size, more space.

The savings are immediate, no more wasting time on melting ice.  Without ice you can use 100% of the cooler's volume. GoSun Chill has nearly double the room for food and drinks when compared with coolers of equal dimensions. 

How the Chill Compares

Among portable fridges, there is nothing that gets close to the Chill. At half the price, GoSun's complete solar powered cooler is more accessible, plus it's compatible with the complete off-grid kitchen.

A deeper look into the features.

Charge devices

Power when you need it, the detachable Powerbank can fully recharge your phone over 10 times.

Storage pouches

Accessory pouches hold all your essentials, with lots of room for extras: keys, cards, phone...

Easy carry handles

Integrated handles and a dry weight of 28 LBS (13kg), make it easy to carry the Chill or load up.

Bottle opener

No searching, you can pop open the bottle cap right on-board.

Removable lid

Great for when serving or display your goods, the insulated lid comes on and off in a snap.

All-terrain wheels

Possibly the greatest invention of all time, these rugged wheels are ready for action.

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