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Congrats on your purchase of the Go and welcome to the GoSun ecosystem. Below, you'll find a quickstart video for setting up the Go with some tips and tricks to get started.

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You might be surprised how little Sun is needed to finish a meal. As a rule of thumb, the Go will cook quickly if you can see a defined shadow from your hand even when overcast, windy and in some cases rainy. If thick clouds are spotty, cooking is still possible, though it will take longer as the stove builds up heat during the sunny periods. We suggest using a weather tracking app like My Radar to help plan and set you up for success!

You can keep food and drinks hot and ready for as long as 12 hours. The vacuum tube is like a Thermos®, so just keep the stove closed until the time is right!

When used properly, the solar vacuum tube has a life expectancy of about 25 years. However if something does happen, the tube and attached parts will be available for purchase and can be easily replaced.

Yes you can! All GoSun products are FAA compliant, meaning you can bring the Go wherever you go! Tested and confirmed by members of our team. Try doing that with propane!... but don't really.

Just unzip and aim towards the Sun. It's that simple!

Yes, GoSun can cook in the winter as long as it's sunny. In fact, the GoSun can even cook on a sunny day in the arctic! The sun is powerful enough to create heat within the GoSun tube, and the tube is designed to keep the heat in and the arctic cold out.

GoSuns are not just for camping and off grid living, they're also an incredibly easy way to cook anytime. Just insert food and relax! Cooking evenly, there's no need to stir, and food comes out rich and delicious. Countless sailors, RVers and backyard chefs around the world have adopted GoSun for its ease of use and reliability. Visit our Facebook Community Kitchen Group to hear their story.

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