"The GoSun Go can be extremely useful as it is going to be able to be used in a wider variety of different situations. You will probably buy it with one initial use in mind and end up using it for a much wider range of activities."

Globo Surf, January 2019

 "GoSun Raises $203k for Innovative Solar Stoves on Kickstarter"

-Kickstarter, September 2013 

GoSun Sport Kickstarter Solar Cooker TreeHugger

"The GoSun has already blown through its target on Kickstarter, but this is one to watch."

-GoSun Stove Reinvents Solar Cooking, TreeHugger.com, October 2013

"We can’t resist fangirling a bit about this one"

-GoSun: Portable solar oven cooks food in as little as 10 minutes, Grist.org, September 2013 

GoSun Gizmag Solar Cooker Logo

GoSun: Portable solar oven cooks food in as little as 10 minutes 

Gizmag, September 2013

Uncrate Logo GoSun Stove Sport Solar Cooker

"Forget dragging fuel into the wilderness — with the GoSun Solar Stove, you can use the power of the sun to cook your food."

-GOSUN SOLAR STOVE, Uncrate.com, February, 2015

United Nations Foundation GoSun Stove GACC Cookstoves

GoSun Awarded Pilot Innovation Fund to Fuel Solar Cooking Development in Guatemala

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, February 2014

Fortune Solar Stove Burning Man Yurt

"The GoSun Stove is a stunning, tube-shaped portable oven powerful enough to bake, fry or broil a meal in as little as 10 minutes."

-6 things you'll need for your Burning Man yurt, Fortune, August 2014

Daily Mail Logo Solar Barbeque GoSun Solar Stove Grill

Forget barbeques, this outdoor stove cooks an entire meal in just 10 minutes using nothing but SUNLIGHT

-DailyMail.co.uk, October 2014

BBC Logo GoSun Solar Stove Gift Guide Christmas BBQ Grill

Gift Guide 2014: Get cooking with the power of the sun 

BBC.com, December 2014

National Geographic GoSun Solar Stove Jose Andres Grill Cooker

"For simmering our sauces, we used GoSunStoves, which are smaller and more compact but still have incredible power." - José Andrés

-Solar Power Can Provide Hot Meals for the Masses, National Geographic, December 2014

Buzzfeed Logo

39 Futuristic Kitchen Products You Had No Idea You Needed

-BuzzFeed, December 2014

Men's Journal Logo

"For your next beach cookout, leave the charcoal at home."

-The Fuel Free Grill, Men's Journal, March 2015

Sierra Club Logo Kitchen Gadgets Save Waste

"Forget the tinfoil-lined shoebox. GOSUN’s Sport solar cooker readies meals for four within 20 minutes, via a vacuum-insulated tube and curved aluminum sheets that capture the sun’s energy."


"GoSun Raises $563k for Brake-Through Solar Grill That Cooks Even At Night"

-Kickstarter, April 2015 

TreeHugger GoSun Grill Kickstarter Solar Oven Stove

"This is a big step forward in the world of solar cooking." 

-New GoSun Solar Cooker is Bigger and Better and Still Absolutely Brilliant, Treehugger.com, April 2014

Engadget Logo GoSun Grill

"A smarter way to handle those backyard shindigs..."

Solar-powered grill cooks your food no matter the weather, Engadget.com, May 2015

Geek.com GoSun Stove Logo

GoSun solar grill barbecues without fuel, even at night

-Geek.com, May, 2015

Wired Logo GoSun Grill

Go Go Gadgets / Der GoSun Grill brutzelt mit Sonnenstrahlen 

Wired.de, May 2015 

Discovery Logo GoSun Stove

Alternative Power Sources: Solar Oven Works on a Cloudy Day

Discovery.com, May 2015

Yohoo Logo GoSun Stove 

"Solar-powered stoves could change lives by eliminating the need for pricey wood, charcoal, or propane"

How A Solar Grill Could Change The World, Yahoo.com, May 2015

Gear Hungry logo

"GoSun’s Stove is an impressive parabolic oven that can cook or boil water using nothing but sunlight."

-GearHungey.com, May 2015

Gear Junkie Logo

Solar Cooker: GoSun Stove Bakes Food With Sunshine

GearJunkie.com, June 2015

50 Campfires Logo GoSun

"If someone were to tell you they could prepare a delicious meal using only the power of the sun in 20 minutes, would you believe them? Before GoSun, the answer would most likely be no."

-Grilling With The Sun, 50Campfires.com, July 2015

Popular Science GoSun Solar Stove Backcountry Gear Grill Oven

"Last winter the company brought a less-expensive model of the stove to Guatemala, where it reduced cooking costs significantly."


Outside Magazine Logo GoSun Stove

"The masterminds behind GoSun have harnessed the power of the sun with their new line of portable solar stoves."

-5 Alternatives to Your Traditional Grill, Outside Magazine, July 2015

AOL Logo GoSun Stove

AOL Tech Download: Space-Age Meal Prep

AOL, October 2015

The Guardian Logo

Can solar cookstoves help reduce greenhouse emissions in developing countries?

The Guardian, October 2015

Top Chef Logo GoSun Solar Cooking

José Andrés Challenges Contestants to Cook With GoSun Solar-Powered Stoves

Top Chef, December 2015

Cnet GoSun Stove Logo

"GoSun stands out at CES for its reliance on a power source that doesn't require plugs or charging station. Even the hybrid model has minimal electric capacity"

-Cnet.org, January 2016

USA Today Logo GoSun Solar Stove

Meet the CES Innovation Award Winners

USA Today, January 2016

CES Logo GoSun Stove Solar

GoSun Grill Awarded CES 2016 Design Innovation Award

Consumer Electronics Association, January 2016

CBC Logo GoSun Solar Stove

CES 2016: 10 new consumer gadgets that will amaze or bewilder

CBC.ca, January 2016

Inc. Logo GoSun Stove Solar

7 Amazing Startups Showcasing Products at CES

Inc.com, January 2016

Tech Crunch Logo

The GoSun Stove Cooks With Just The Power Of The Sun

TechCrunch.com, January 2016

Maxim Logo GoSun Solar Cooker Oven

"Welcome to Grilling 2.0"


Deutsche Welle GoSun Solar Stove Grill Kochen


Deutsche Welle, January 2016

Tech Crunch Logo

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets We Saw At CES 2016

TechCrunch.com, January 2016

Meet the GoSun Oven, the Solar-Powered Oven of the Future

Epicurious.com, March 2016

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