GoSun is the exclusive American distributor for Hovercraft - Europe's elite inflatable manufacturer. These boats are top notch quality. Custom solutions are available.

Jet Boat

Turn your jet ski into a six passenger run about. Easy to attach, about 60 LBS, compact when deflated. Fits most jetskis.

Starting price approximately $3,000

Ferry Boat

World's most efficient boat in terms of load capacity to boat weight. Can carry people,, vehicles or heavy equipment  up to 10,000 pounds! 

Starting price at $9,000

Large Inflatable Recreation Boat

Masssive Inflatable Boat like a pontoon party barge. 16 feet long, 9.5 feet wide, and 8 feet tall. Over 100 square feet below, over 50 square feet upper deck. Fits a dozen passengers.

Starting price at $14,000

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