Burning Man + GoSun 2013

Leaving no trace at Burning Man is easier then ever when you don't need fuel to cook.

September 25, 2013 2 min read

Burning Man + GoSun 2013

A letter from the proud user of one of our earlier, smaller capacity prototypes!

GoSun at Burning Man
"While hanging out at camp one day, we cooked up a bunch of items… all stuff you'd find in the frozen section of your grocery store (we had frozen, vacuum sealed, and stored in dry ice in prep for the desert).   EVERYTHING was a hit.  We tried jalapeño poppers, veggie pakoras, these yummy edamame wasabi goat cheese wontons, and some chocolate chip cookies.
With all the savory items, we found that if we left them in for about 20 minutes past when they were 'done' that the items would crisp up to a better consistency.  Everyone who sampled the food was impressed at just how HOT it was.  Truly like taking food just out of the oven.
I had a bit of an issue with the cookies.  I filled the tray with the pre-made dough, rolling them into balls, but i filling the tray turned out to be WAY too much.  The cookie dough oozed out the opening and all the chocolate chips pulled away from the dough when i pulled the tray out to inspect.  Oops!  Should have made fewer cookies!  Still, everyone was more than happy to stick a fork in the trough of cookie for a bite :)
On another day we road out on our bikes to check out some art.  We brought a package of mini pizza pockets and set up the oven while we joined an impromptu dance party.  We offered some pizza pockets to some folks who gave us some beers and they were super excited.
Later, while looking for an art piece with some shade to take a nap in, Perry held the oven on his lap while we road around, making sure to orient the oven properly.  We found the shade we were looking for and finished cooking up some mushroom turnovers.  I hardly wanted to share these because they were SO good, but we did manage to give a few away.
Lots of people would come up and ask what we were doing, but it was also impressive to see just how many people understood right away that it was an oven… even from a distance.
We'll be at LA Decom the first weekend in October, and we're sure to be doing some more solar cooking experiments :)
We were thrilled to see the kickstarter finally off the ground.  We are definitely looking forward to having another TWO solar ovens in our arsenal.
thanks a bunch!!

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