How Gosun Solar Products can Alleviate Climate Change Suffering and Provide Independence and Resilience

How Gosun Solar Products can Alleviate Climate Change Suffering and Provide Independence and Resilience

Pakistan flooding shows that we must take individual actions now


Pakistan has received its highest volume of rainfall since the 1960s and declared it a national emergency. At least 33 million people have been dislocated due to the flooding and at least 1000 have passed away. Pakistan’s minister Sherry Rehman and many other authorities have pleaded for support. As a result, the US, Europe, and China have promised to provide aid.

Pakistan has experienced the dangerous effects of climate change this year such as when the provinces of Sindh, Balochistan, and Punjab saw record-breaking heatwaves that lasted around 4 months, Glacial lake outburst floods that were created in the northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan regions by melting glaciers (GLOF), and now the flooding that’s covered at least a third of the country.

It’s been widely agreed upon that the cause of this disastrous flooding is due to Summer being a monsoon season and the combination of climate change, this creates the perfect environment for another culprit to blossom which is melting glaciers and snow.

Pakistan has the most glaciers over 7,200 than anywhere else outside of the poles. And in tandem with the effects of climate change such as rising temperatures, and the summer monsoon, these conditions are likely making many of these glaciers melt faster and earlier which adds significant volumes of water to streams converted into heavy rainfall.

This creates an unfortunate reality for Pakistan since this makes them the most vulnerable and most affected by climate change effects such as flooding and heatwaves while only contributing a tiny fraction of the global greenhouse emissions of less than 0.06%. Compared to China (32%), the United States (12%), and India (7%).


How Can You Support Pakistan?
Donating to charities such as GEM (Global Empowerment Misson), Islamic Relief Canada, and many more. However, these are only short-term solutions since might help with the current issue in Pakistan which are the heavy flooding and dealing with the millions of dislocated citizens. They don’t tackle the root cause of the problem which is climate change.

How Can We Prevent This From Happening Again?
Tackling climate change can be done in many ways. However, the root cause of climate change is the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere which then warms up the planet and you can use your imagination on who most likely suffers the most. One way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is by replacing our appliances with GoSun Solar Products.

What Is GoSun?
GoSun is a group of innovators, designers, and engineers dedicated to providing the world with unmatched renewable energy solutions. From ovens, coolers, power, water, trailer, and accessories.

GoSun is dedicated to collaborating with non-profits to create a better world for future generations which is why GoSun has provided funding to support the efforts of non-profits such as The California Fire Foundation, The Houston Food Bank, Global Giving, and BBQ Operation Relief have We have contributed to the California Community Wildfire Relief Fund as well as the American Red Cross, World Central Kitchen, and other relief organizations in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

What Products Does GoSun Offer?
GoSun offers solar-powered products which are excellent replacements for your current items. One of these items is GoSun’s solar-powered ovens which are half the price compared to an ordinary conventional oven. Another one of GoSun’s breakthrough products is GoSun’s solar-powered coolers.

Another breakthrough product by GoSun is their portable solar-powered chargers. These chargers can charge your phones, laptops, CPAP machines, cameras, and lights. Additionally, it is set up to run the entire line of incredibly efficient appliances from GoSun.

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Why Should You Use GoSun Solar Powered Products?
By using clear pure energy harvested from the sun via solar power systems. You are directly contributing to fighting against greenhouse gas emissions and lessening society’s reliance on fossil fuels. The most common green materials to generate conventional power are natural gas and coal. Both of which create significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

Another added benefit of using GoSun solar-powered products is that you get to save money, especially long-term. This is because you are not relying on anyone to maintain and deliver your power (except the sun), or have the need to purchase fuel such as propane or utility power. This means that you get to start saving money as soon as you install and use these solar-powered products.

Using solar-powered products not only contributes to a better world for future generations but also for our current generation. Since solar-powered products don’t emit greenhouse gasses it means it is also contributing to a safer public health environment.

In conclusion, the current Pakistan flooding and citizen dislocation have been caused by glaciers melting due to climate change whilst working in tandem with the summer monsoon. The best immediate way to help Pakistan is to donate to charities and organizations that are doing so. However, if you want to contribute to the effort of reducing the harmful effects of climate change and preventing this disaster from happening again in the first place, GoSun’s Solar Powered Products are among the easiest ways to go about it. These products can also provide basic needs in case one experiences a disaster or power failure.

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