Market and Technology Trends 2023

Market and Technology Trends 2023

Human beings are creatures of hype. The latest and greatest gets its time in the spotlight and then it fades out, barely a memory. We've all seen trends come and go: fashion, diets, travel spots, etc.  Plus, we've seen plenty of losers: Dot com bubble, Typewriters, Shopping Malls, Sears, etc.

But, have we ever seen a market trend this big and for this long?? 

Climate Change. 

Global warming is forcing a clean technology rush like nothing before.  No biggie, only the future of humanity is at stake. Combined with a growing need for resilience in uncertain times, and it is a perfect storm (no pun intended).   What's more? Add in everyone's newfound love for spending time in the great outdoors, and...

GoSun is in the right place and the right time.  

Let's make the transition away from fossil fuels as graceful and fun as possible.  Once again, we thank all of our investors for your support, and welcome to the GoSun family!

GoSun has something everyone.

With our gear you'll never have to buy these items again:

  • Ice - takes up 50% of the volume in your cooler, it crushes your food, then melts, making everything soggy and contaminated
  • Propane - dirty, and dangerous, its convenience is often out-weighed by the destructive environmental and health implications
  • Charcoal - smoky, cumbersome, and time-consuming, it makes you do all the work of preparation, coordination, and clean up
  • Alkaline Batteries - toxic, and one-time use, these are never to be relied upon and won't let you recharge
  • Bottled Water - wasteful and contaminated with plastic, these make it easy to throw away money and stifle ocean life
  • Bad Coffee  - no thanks, life is not long enough to dilute our true pleasures with half assed attempts at the real thing
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