The Dream Makes Living Off-Grid Easier Than Ever

The Dream Makes Living Off-Grid Easier Than Ever

GoSun has always run full speed toward the future. We’ve been making award-winning solar cookers, coolers, lighting fixtures, and water desalinators. Now we’ve managed to put everything together in one complete package. The GoSun Dream is the pinnacle of our vision for a solar future. Live anywhere under the Sun, free from reliance on anyone or anything. Its a tiny house that makes living off grid easier than ever.

The GoSun Dream is a 195 square foot home that is designed to last over a month off grid. It weighs about 11,500 pounds. It measures 8.5 feet wide, 22 feet long, and 13 feet tall.

It is powered by a solar array, lithium ion storage batteries, a generator that can also be connected to the grid, along with an interactive sine-wave inverter. Energy is saved by low-flow faucets, a composting toilet, and a 40 gallon fresh water tank.

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The Dream has been attracting national and international media attention. Here’s a run-down that Business Insider recently gave of the Dream.

The tiny home movement has become more popular during the coronavirus pandemic. However, according to GoSun founder and CEO Patrick Sherwin, this growing community and tiny homemakers have continuously missed out on prioritizing energy efficiency in these portable home builds.
Enter GoSun, which pivoted from its traditional solar appliances product lineup to tiny homes on wheels in order to fill this power efficiency gap.
"Many of our customers were purchasing our solar appliances for tiny houses, so we attended a couple of tiny house conferences," Sherwin wrote in an email interview with Business Insider. "What we found is that the builders of tiny homes are either concentrated on luxury items or low cost. No one was focused on energy efficiency and solar, yet many potential buyers want a well-built tiny home that has off-grid capabilities or solar for emergency power."
GoSun spent about two years in the research and development phase with the goal of creating a crossover between a tiny home and an RV, according to Sherwin. Construction began early 2020, but like other companies, GoSun saw delays amid the coronavirus pandemic.
According to Sherwin, "outdoor products" like the ones GoSun produces — which can be used for both "family fun and disaster relief" — have seen an increase in sales amid the coronavirus pandemic.
We’ll get more into what the Dream offers. First, here are some tech specs:


  • 195 ft²
  • Main floor (165 ft²)
  • Bed (30 ft²)


  • 8.5 feet (2.6m)
  • Length
  • 22 feet (6.7m)


  • 13 feet (3.7m)
  • Weight
  • Approx. 11,500 lbs (5,216 kg)


  • Solar PV Array, Multi-Directional Mounts, Rails
  • Lithium Ion Energy Storage Battery
  • Grid and Generator Interactive Sine-Wave Inverter
  • Automatic Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)
  • Optional Electric Awning with Auto Retract
  • Low Flow Faucets and Atomizing Shower
  • 40 Gallon (150L) Fresh Water Tank
  • 25 Gallon (95L) Grey Water Tank
  • 25 Gallon (95L) Black Water Tank


  • High Efficiency Air Conditioner
  • Electric Queen-Sized Bed Lift
  • GoSun Chill: Portable 40L Fridge
  • GoSun Fusion: Hybrid Solar+Electric Oven
  • GoSun Flow: Water Purification and Sanitation System
  • GoSun Solar Table: 120Watt Charger and Collapsible Table
  • Biomimetic, Silent Overhead Fan
  • High-Efficiency Fridge
  • Dual Burner Propane Stove
  • Range Hood Vent Fan
  • Diaphragm Water Pump and Pressure Tank
  • Efficient Propane Space Heater
  • Efficient On-Demand Propane Water Heater
  • Flush Toilet, optional Composting Toilet

Sherwin say s the home was designed to be "durable, versatile, and super energy efficient" with elements like sloped walls, solar systems, and a bed that can be electronically lifted.

If you want to move it around, the Dream can be towed by a three-quarter-ton or one-ton pickup truck. We decided to take the "home on wheels" approach because it's cheaper, easier, and more eco friendly to create than a foundation-based home, according to Sherwin.

"Our customer base wants independence and resilience," Sherwin said. "A home that can move provides more freedom, fun, and flexibility."

Business Insider notes that GoSun's Dream tiny home includes a kitchen, bathroom, raised queen bed, and a seating area that can convert into another bed. Unsurprisingly, the tiny home is filled with its maker's proprietary products, such its portable solar-powered kitchen.

The Dream will be available in 2021 and starts at $69,500. It's already wildly popular. "Deposits are coming in, calls are coming in, new ideas are flooding in," Sherwin wrote. "It seems there's a tremendous amount of interest, perhaps even for communities of tiny homes."

The Dream is spacious. It  can accommodate up to four people and is filled with GoSun appliances that can operate off-grid with the help of the tiny home's power systems.

There are two beds for the four people: one lofted queen bed that can be electronically raised or lowered, and another bed that converts into a banquette-style dining and work area.

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Business Insider breaks down the specs in more detail:

All of the tiny home's appliances, including kitchenware, are included. Like many robust tiny homes, GoSun's Dream has a full kitchen with a sink, refrigerator, two-burner stovetops, range hood, and GoSun's solar and electric oven.
The tiny home also comes with its maker's portable solar-powered kitchen that can be used outdoors. This movable kitchen includes features like an oven, cooler, solar-paneled table, and power bank.
An electric awning comes optional for activities like shaded leisure time while cooking outside. But for temperature regulation inside the tiny home, the unit comes with an air conditioner, the "worlds' most energy-efficient ceiling fan," according to Sherwin, and a space heater.
GoSun Dream's bathroom then comes with a shower, a sink, storage units, and a composting toilet.
The Dream is designed for resiliency. It can stay off-grid for one month — depending on local conditions — with the help of its solar panels and power systems. Nevertheless, the home also comes with propane for cooking and heating use, according to Sherwin.

Other power systems include lithium-ion batteries and an inverter. These systems can also be upgraded if you want to stay off-grid permanently, depending on the final location of the tiny home.

"There is a shortage of housing in many places, and it seems very few builders are thinking about whole systems, energy efficiency, solar, [and more]," Sherwin writes.

The tiny home also includes GoSun's water purifier and sanitation system, and 40-gallon fresh, 25-gallon grey, and 25-gallon black water tanks. But the Dream doesn't have to be operated off-grid. It can also be used at locations such as RV resorts or personal properties with its power, cable, water, and waste hook-up points.

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