What Is A Solar Coffee Maker?

What Is A Solar Coffee Maker?


A solar coffee maker lets you make an incredible cup of coffee or tea in an all-in-one cup anywhere, anytime. Some use more basic technology and warm the beverage with a simple solar panel. Other more advanced designs like GoSun's Brew have built-in batteries that hold a charge and can turn on at will. 

The Brew is a 130W heater and an integrated French press, fused into a doubled insulated mug that not only brews your drink but keeps it hot for hours. 

GoSun is a pioneer in the fuel-free frontier and utilizes the best of clean tech to help you brew more coffee. “We love being outdoors, sharing our experiences and staying connected, but we hate running out of power and we hate missing our morning coffee – that’s why we created both GoSun Brew and GoSun Power,” said the GoSun Team.

You can brew fresh coffee in as little as 15 minutes. Just add water, plug in your flask to the solar-powered power bank, heat for 10 minutes, then add coffee grounds and steep. With the leak-proof lid, you can carry it anywhere. With the GoSun Brew, you don’t need the stove, kettle, pot, grid power, or any separate accessories to make your favorite drink. It's all right there in one mug. 

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The GoSun Brew is the ultimate solar powered coffee maker for people on the go.

Gas station coffee doesn't cut it and setting up a cook stove requires a bunch of parts, time, and planning. With GoSun Brew, all you need is coffee grinds, water and a 12 volt outlet - found in every car, truck, boat or RV or GoSun Powerbank. 

There’s so much to love about GoSun Brew: 

 Holds 12oz, plenty to last all morning

 Fits in car cup holder within easy reach of your 12V outlet

 Keeps drinks hot for hours

 Easy to clean stainless steel Mug is safe to hand was

 BPA free Lid is safe in dishwasher.

The Brew also does more than make coffee. Making coffee is critical, but narrow thinking only about the world's highest traded commodity is limiting. GoSun Brew can do so much more:

 Reheat beverages and maintain your preferred temperature, allowing you to do a controlled warm-up for everything from baby formula to dipping sauce

 Brew tea or hot cocoa

 Make instant meals that only need water (oatmeal, ramen, etc.)

 Pasteurize water 

The GoSun Brew is the Best Solar Coffee Maker

The Brew, however, is much more than a next-generation coffee maker. It's one of many devices that allow you to have a completely fuel-free, carbon neutral lifestyle. Partner with GoSun and you can cook, cool, bake, boil, and purify absolutely everything you eat and drink.

Here's a video where you can see the Brew (and the entire solar kitchen) in action for yourself:


Here's a transcript of the video if you would like to read instead of watch:

Here at GoSun we are dedicated to bringing portable power to the people. Now we are launching GoSun Brew, which brings you the power to not only make your own cup of coffee anywhere but also to run your devices through power outages or any outdoor adventure.
Brew is an insulated travel mug that integrates a 12-volt heater and a french press. The smart electronics help to brew an incredible cup of tea or coffee from start to finish ,all in one cup. You can take it anywhere your hot beverage is made while running off wherever you want to go. It goes on power a compact power bank with tons of energy and outlets to charge almost any electronic you have. GoSun's powerbanks have  the best energy-to-weight ratio out there. It packs enough solar power to charge a laptop five times, a smartphone 22 times, or Brew through eight cups of coffee.
An adjustable DC outlet ranges from 12 to 24 volts to match your device's needs, with up to 15 amps of current. Quickly charge the 266 watt hour lithium ion battery with GoSun’s Solar Table or opt for either single or twin folding solar panels that fit in the carry case so you can charge everywhere you go.
At GoSun, we love our morning coffee, but unfortunately when you're off grid you're burning something to make it it's not fuel free and we have to stop burning stuff. That's where the brew comes in. More than just making hot beverages,  empowering your devices, this powerful battery combination becomes the center of the GoSun Solar Kitchen, where our products cook, cool, charge, clean light and purify using nothing but the sun's energy. GoSun designs for maximum efficiency and lifespan which means more to fuel your adventure, more charge for your laptop or camera gear, more power to prepare food or drinks, and more security to get through unexpected challenges, all with clean powerful solar energy power outages as fire bans are becoming increasingly common.
GoSun Brew enables you to make a good cup of hot coffee no matter what. Instead of using fire, plug into a 12-volt outlet found in any car, truck, boat, or RV. GoSun presents the fuel canister of the future
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