What You Need in an All-In-One Coffee Maker

What You Need in an All-In-One Coffee Maker

Making the perfect cup of coffee doesn't require a $200 coffee pot purchased from the Sharper Image, using only the most expensive beans that are sourced from a single farm in Peru. You can make an incredible cup of coffee with an all-in-one coffee maker that works just as well on a remote campsite as it does at home.

After all, nobody should endure the hardship of lacking their first cup of joe when they are out camping. That's why GoSun is so proud to introduce the Brew. It's a stainless steel cup, french press and heater in one that makes tea or coffee anywhere. There are other all-in-one-coffee makers on the market, but we believe the Brew is the best. Scroll down to see why.

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The Brew is The Perfect All-In-One Coffee Maker

Here at GoSun, we are dedicated to bringing portable power to the people. Now we are launching GoSun Brew, giving you the power to not only make your own cup of coffee anywhere but also to run your devices through power outages or any outdoor adventure.

Brew is an insulated travel mug that integrates a 12-volt heater and a french press with smart electronics help to brew an incredible cup of tea or coffee from start to finish. It's an all-in-one cup you can take anywhere.

There are plenty of travel mugs out there, but you still have to make the coffee at home. This is the world's first cup that can actually do the brewing for you. Say goodbye to plastic cups, clumsy camp setups, and dependence on grid power. You can pass on lousy gas station coffee while you brew on the Brew. There's an endless number of places to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

150 million Americans drink coffee every day and worldwide two billion people start their morning with tea. Just about every one of those cups is heated by burning fuel. We find a lot of light in coffee and we love it here at GoSun, but unfortunately every time you're off grid you have to burn fuel to heat water and that's nasty.

Burning fuel is a thing that we have to make from the past. Going electric is now completely realistic: the technology and efficiency is there and there's really no excuse. Coffee doesn't have to be made with fire anymore.

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The GoSun Brew is the best all-in-one coffee maker you can find. Boiling water on a stove or using instant coffee isn't optimal it because it requires messy gas canisters and a heavy stove. Plus instant coffee just doesn't taste that good.

The GoSun Brew, in contrast, makes making coffee without a coffee pot easy. All you need is coffee grinds, water and a 12 volt outlet. And these can easily be found off the grid. 

Here are other great things about the GoSun Brew: 

  • Holds 12oz, plenty to last all morning
  • Fits in car cup holder within easy reach of your 12V outlet
  • Keeps drinks hot for hours
  • Easy to clean stainless steel Mug is safe to hand was
  • BPA free Lid is safe in dishwasher.

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Check out this video below to see the GoSun Brew in action:

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