Why GoSun Solar Cookers Beat Out Other Solar Cookers

Why GoSun Solar Cookers Beat Out Other Solar Cookers

A solar cooker is, at its simplest, any device that uses the energy of the Sun to cook food. This definition encompasses the solar cookers you see at a middle school science fair made of cardboard boxes and saran wrap. It also includes the GoSun Fusion, the most futuristic cooker on the market, which thanks to its battery bank can cook at night and even charge your phone.
In this post, we're going to take a look at different types of solar cookers and show why GoSun's lineup is superior in every category. There are many different types, but we'll focus on panel solar cookers and box solar cookers since these are the most well-known types of solar ovens. 
Before that, If you want to pause and check out GoSun's lineup of solar cookers, click here (we'll wait; we promise).

Simple Panel Solar Cookers:

The panel cooker is an unparalleled winner in cost-effectiveness allowing tens of thousands to be deployed in refugee camps around the world. With more than 90 documented designs, each model varies a bit in the details but contains two primary elements: a heat-absorbing pot and a reflective non-metallic panel (thus its namesake).

Perhaps the most well know basic panel cooker, the CooKit by Solar Cookers International uses foil-lined cardboard for the reflective panel and can cook a full meal for 6 in a matter of hours. This model is a classic and has been utilized by people in need all over the world. 

Notable Models:CopenhagenCooKit


-Low Max Temperature (≈120°C/ 248°F)

-Unable to Fry Food

-Varying Durability


Basic Box Solar Cookers:

A Basic Box Cooker is constructed of an insulated box capped by a single pane of glass, with a single reflector positioned above to expand its solar footprint. A black absorbing pot is placed inside the box and is locked in by the pivoting glass top, trapping the sun’s heat while allowing light to pass. 

This design generally obtains higher temperatures than a Basic Panel Cooker by virtue of its added insulation protecting the pot more effectively from wind and cold. There are many basic box-style cookers that can be made at home with simple materials. (For DIY plans take a look at the Solar Cooking Wiki here.) 

Notable Models:Easy Lid CookerMinimum Solar Box Cooker



 -Can’t Fry

-Poor Low Angle Light Performance


GoSun’s Solar Cookers

GoSun has the best solar cookers on the market because of its vacuum tube technology. It makes our cookers 80% efficient compared to 20% efficient in terms of heat retention. It works in any weather condition, keeps all moisture in,  and features the highest performance for weight and size by far. In the case of the Fusion, it works at night or no sun at all

Why do GoSun’s vacuum tubes make such a big difference?  Because a solar vacuum tube acts as a near-perfect insulator. Light is reflected onto the tube's internal absorber surface, which is then trapped inside the vacuum layer. This unparalleled insulation allows vacuum tube cookers to operate in frigid environments with little, if any change, in performance. Because of this, all of GoSun’s solar cookers concentrate the sun onto a vacuum tube, which slowly absorbs all of that heat without letting it escape. The food inside the tube can become cooked or baked quite quickly and the reflectors use relatively less surface area. 

The GoSun Fusion takes all these advantages and goes even further with its lithium ion battery. The GoSun Fusion is the world's first solar oven that can also cook without Sun. A hybrid solar + electric oven runs on sunshine or 12Volt from your car, boat, RV or PowerBank.

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