GoSun: Preparing for Preparedness Month

GoSun: Preparing for Preparedness Month

Whether you're preparing for a natural disaster or just want to be self-sufficient, GoSun products are a must-have for any homeowner. With their innovative solar technology, you can cook, boil water, and charge electronics off the grid.



What is GoSun? 

GoSun is a company that specializes in portable solar-powered cooking equipment. Their products range from a portable solar oven  to a solar-powered water filter system,  All of their products are designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and reliable.


Why GoSun for Preparedness Month?

Preparedness Month, which takes place in September every year, is a time to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances. This includes natural disasters, power outages, and more. GoSun products are ideal for Preparation Month because they allow you to live off the grid for extended periods of time.

How GoSun Products Work

GoSun's products work using solar technology. The idea is simple: the sun's energy is collected and concentrated. When it's time to cook, the food is heated up to a high temperature… The best part is, you don't need any fuel or electricity to power it!

GoSun Products You Need in Your Emergency Kit

Here are a few GoSun products that you should definitely consider having in your home.

  • The Gosun Power Bank  is one the most versatile and portable power banks available.  It works great to power all of your GoSun or other 12 volt products. 
  • The GoSun solar pro backpack has all your emergency essentials in one place and in one portable and easily storable backpack.  Now you can charge all your essentials, cook your food, and even purify water all from one backpack.
  • The Solar Kitchen  is the ultimate off-grid cooking solution. It lets you cook and refrigerate your food, and even charge all your USB-powered electric devices, with absolutely no electrical outlets needed. Cook your food with the GoSun 
  • Fusion—a solar cooker with a battery bank that makes food day or night—and refrigerate it with the GoSun Chill, an electric cooler that needs no ice. You can power both the Chill and the Fusion (and keep your devices charged) with the SolarTable 60, a table covered with solar panels.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for the unknown can be stressful, but having the right tools can make all the difference. GoSun products are lightweight, portable, and don't require anything except for the sun's energy. They're perfect for emergencies or for those who want to be self-sufficient.

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