GoSun's 2020 Year-In Review

GoSun's 2020 Year-In Review

2020 has been the worst year in recent memory, and for very good reasons: a global pandemic, protests, and toxic politics (at least in the U.S., although we're sure that readers in other countries didn't fare much better). But despite the challenges of these last twelve months, GoSun has continued to work hard to make our world more sustainable, cleaner, and more willing to embrace the power of the Sun. 

Read below to see some of the biggest developments that came out of this year. We met the challenges of COVID-19 with our own UV purifier but also came out with a water purifier, coffee maker, and even a full kitchen setup. See for yourself why the best is yet to come. 


The Clean Box

At GoSun, we care about hygiene. That's why we've created products that reduce unwanted bacteria that affect your health. This includes portable water purifiers and appliances that can cook or chill your food but are easy to clean.

But with the threat of COVID-19, many are seeking a decontamination solution for their living area. And they don't know about the one thing in their lives that threatens disease transmission the most: their phone (which has as much as 10x times the bacteria as a toilet seat).

We want to be part of the solution. That's why GoSun was excited to introduce the Clean Box. It offers the sanitizing power of the Sun in your pocket.

The Clean Box is a small box that allows you to fully sanitize items in only 15 minutes, killing up to 99 percent of viruses and bacteria with sunlight in a box. You can easily sanitize your smartphones, mask jewelry, watch, keys, wallet, credit cards, or GoSun Flatware. It uses UV-C light, a short-wavelength that is ultraviolet and destroys both nucleic acids and DNA in microorganisms.

The Clean Box can also charge your devices. It has two built-in wireless chargers, letting you charge your phone at the same time. It even offers  aromatherapy via an integrated essential oil diffuser.

Check out the Clean Box for yourself. Click here to order. 

GoSun Flow

This year, GoSun launched the Flow, a solar-powered water purifier that is small enough to fit in a backpack but purifies enough clean water to wash your dishes or even take a show.

It's the world's first portable solar-powered purifier that works well enough to enable you to live comfortably off the grid. Instead of manual pumping, a USB-powered pump enables the delivery of water wherever you need. For good measure, it includes a power bank that supplies power to the pump but can also run off a mobile phone or be charged directly by a solar charger (like this). 

And it purifies water well. Really well. Like, 9999 parts per 10,000 of water-born pathogens well. 

Energy Live News has a rundown of how effectively the Flow does its job:

The purification of one liter of water is estimated to take approximately one minute. Patrick Sherwin, Founder and CEO of GoSun, said: “We believe that now is the time to work together, innovate, and create products that make the world cleaner and more resilient.
“Being able to function and adventure during the Covid-19 pandemic is becoming critical, so GoSun is working to help fuel our customers’ outings and keep them safe. Now, with a kitchen sink that fits in your backpack, you’re able to have freshwater on-demand, when you are away from home.”

Not too shabby for something the size of a small kitchen appliance. 


GoSun Brew

We are really proud of this one. The Brew is a 130W heater and an integrated French press, fused into a doubled insulated mug that not only brews your drink but keeps it hot for hours -- making coffee production truly portable.

You can brew fresh coffee in as little as 15 minutes. All you have to do is add water, plug in your flask to the solar-powered power bank, heat for 10 minutes, then add coffee grounds and steep. With the leak-proof lid, you can carry it anywhere you go. With the GoSun Brew, you don’t need the all the typical accessories of coffee making (stove, kettle, pot, grid power) to make your favorite drink. It's all right there in one incredible mug. 

Shop GoSun Brew ➞


Here are some specs of the Brew: 

 Holds 12oz, plenty to last all morning

 Fits in car cup holder within easy reach of your 12V outlet

 Keeps drinks hot for many hours

 Easy to clean stainless steel mug is safe to hand was

 BPA-free lid is safe in dishwasher.

The Brew also does more than make coffee. It reheats beverages and maintains your preferred temperature, allowing you to do a controlled warm-up for everything from baby formula to dipping sauce. It also makes instant meals that only need water (oatmeal, ramen, etc.). It can even pasteurize water -- making it a camper's best friend. 


GoSun Kitchen

This caps off our year. We proudly introduced the GoSun Kitchen. It has absolutely everything you need to eat or drink, no matter how far away from the grid you are. This is a combination of many of our products in one package. First off, you can purify and sanitize water for drinking or cooking thanks to Gosun's new portable water purifier, the GoSun Flow. it's a kitchen sink and even a shower all in one.
You can put food in the GoSun Chill, so we've got the entire house fridge
chucked in here we were running it on ac power now we're running it on 12 volt with the van we can also run it on our portable power bank
all this stuff can also run on sunshine.
Of course the ability to cook with the GoSun Fusion is incredible. It lets you easily make a meal for five. With the GoSun Kitchen, you can cook, cool, clean, charge light, power, sanitize, and brew some coffee.



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