Boats Need Solar Appliances

Ready to get on the water with more freedom and resilience? Check out these portable, super-efficient, GoSun solar appliances that will take your boating to the next level.

Solar oven for night cooking

Hybrid Solar + 12 Volt Oven

Cook delicious meals with the power of the Sun- no combustion and no propane needed. The GoSun Sport-E cooks with solar power during the day, and electricity at night. Feeds two made in just 20 minutes at 350°F.

Stay Charged with Solar

GoSun Solar 100 watt panel is very compact when not in use and folds out to produce up to 100 watts - great way to keep your devices and Powerbanks charged while extending your boat's range.

Keep cool with Breeze

GoSun Breeze is a super efficient fan that pairs perfectly with any of 12 volt source or powerbank. Super efficient so it can be used all day and night to keep your boat cool.

solar charger power bank

Portable Power On the Go

GoSun Power 1100 packs an impressive amount of energy in a small form factor. Packed with outlets, it's perfect for running all of your boat's appliances and personal devices.

Ditch the Ice and Chill

GoSun Chill is a portable, more versatile alternative to traditional coolers, plus it never needs ice! Low power demand plus adjustable temperature controls help keep your food fresh for the entire adventure.

best travel coffee maker

Brew Coffee or Tea

An all-in-one heater, french press and travel mug, GoSun Brew uses a fraction of the energy and makes great tasting coffee on the go. Keep it simple and accessible.

Water Simplified with Flow

Carry less water and use less water thanks to the GoSun Flow's super efficient pump and nozzle. Plus, an inline filter allows you to replenish your drinking water supply from any water source.

All-In-One Solar Package

GoSun Grid includes one of every legacy product built for Good Energy. Buying as bundle gives you the best price and simplest path to start your solar living adventure.