Introducing the GoSun Grid - a Micro Grid that provides both Outdoor Fun and Resilience

Introducing the GoSun Grid - a Micro Grid that provides both Outdoor Fun and Resilience

GoSun  is focused on building resilience and supporting outdoor enthusiasts, and for creating products that are good for the planet and good for you- And since GoSun has a registered CF offering, GoSun also provides a unique  Green Investment Opportunity.

GoSun has created a micro-grid of self-reliance that integrates nearly 30 products designed to work in unison, or as stand alone portable energy solutions. These appliances that have been developed are some of  the most efficient appliances possible, so you only need a small amount of energy to get the job done in the first place. Indeed, a conventional oven needs up to 4000wh to cook a meal, the GoSun Fusion only needs 150wh.

Designed to maximize versatility and compatibility - and unlike many other offerings - the GoSun Grid is an open ecosystem. All of these energy efficient  appliances run on solar energy or 12 volts, the most common port in the world, and these products can continue to run even if the utility power grid goes down.


The following is an overview of the GoSun Grid and how each area can support self-reliance:


GoSun’s top selling portable refrigerators, the Chill and Chillest, feature Tesla inspired, highly efficient brushless compressors, that only draw 40 peak watts of power when cooling is needed, and a lightweight lithium battery. Now there is never a need to buy ice again- and no more wet sandwiches. Both the Chill  and Chillest come with their own battery, providing around the clock power regardless of weather or location. The coolers have a reflective white top paint so the unit never heats up, and when used in combination with the optional Solar Table  can essentially run continuously.


GoSun’s most remarkable products are their patented vacuum-insulated solar ovens that make meals in any sunlight; even the clouds, plus they can continue to cook even after the sun sets, with the compact lithium battery. These solar ovens can reach temperatures of 550 degrees! From backpack to BBQ there are now small, medium and large; there is the Go, great for hiking, the very quick Sport, and the impressive 150 watt Fusion that can cook an entire meal for a family day or night.  



Clean drinking water is critical, so the portable GoSun Flow Pro water filter device is capable of purifying from any water source, whether it’s a lake, stream, creek or even rainwater runoff. Thanks to an amazing micro USB powered pump, one doesn't have to do the work, or wait for gravity to drain the filter. With the push of a button one can have purified water, a kitchen sink and even a shower. Make that a hot shower with the Fusion in the Sun or drop the 130 watt Submersion Heater into the vacuum tube. 



GoSun wants to keep everyone energized out there, so there is now an all-in-one coffee brewing travel mug and French press, called the Brew. The brew can run off any 12 volt battery-including your car, boat, RV or the GoSun portable power pack. Add up to 14 ounces of water, plug in the 130 watt heater, then add coffee or tea and your fresh, hot beverage is made anywhere you’re going. 



GoSun doesn’t want the darkness of night time to slow you down, so GoSun makes a range of lighting solutions to guide your way whether camping, working, or when the lights go out. The Solar Lamp weighing only 6 ounces can light for 6 hours with just one day’s worth of sunlight.  It also can provide up to 50 lumens of light.



Staying warm without a fire can be difficult, so GoSun developed a completely portable heated blanket to get comfy while you work, play, or rest, or if the power ever goes out. Use as a cover, a heated seat, or just on your couch. This battery powered, solar rechargeable blanket is also great for taking to those cold football  games.



With all this fun in the sun, things can heat up and when they do, GoSun has a high power fan to push out the sweaty, dog days of summer, helping you stay cool indoors or out. The fan includes a highly energy efficient brushless motor, so it can run on 12 volts or solar yet still put out a powerful breeze.



Now it’s time to get into the power generation and storage devices.  

Packed with energy and ports, these powerbanks run our technology when they aren't running directly on solar power. They come in a range of sizes depending on how long you're staying off-grid, and are named for the watt hours stored when fully charged. To re-charge the powerbanks, you can use AC power or 12 Volt. Now with these solar generators, you can still have the power you need, without the noise, or pollution.

...and since we are GoSun, we make a wide range of lightweight and portable solar panel solutions that also range in size to match your energy needs. Keeping the Go in GoSun, everything is designed for portability and durability to help you have more resilience and independence.  The foldable solar panels can charge your phone or other electronic devices wherever and whenever you need a boost.


So there you have it, Good Energy brought to you by GoSun.  Versatile, compatible and complete, we invite you to start building your GoSun Grid.  Check out all of the products of this micro grid at or look at becoming part of GoSun at startengine.

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