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Shine Points

Do Shine Points expire?

No, Shine Points do not expire. Shine Points will remain in your account until you spend them.

How do I redeem my Shine Points?

Shine Point discounts are automatically applied to your order at checkout.

Can I use Shine Points and a discount code in the same order?

No, unfortunately multiple discounts can't be used on the same order.

Can I spend Shine Points during a sale?

You bet! Shine Points can be be used during any of our promotional sales.

Is there a minimum order amount required to spend my Shine Points?

Yes, your order total must be at least $45 to spend your Shine Points.

Can I receive Shine Points for GoSun products purchased through another channel?

Shine Points can only be earned for orders placed on

Is there a limit on how many Shine Points I can spend per order?

No, you can spend as many Shine Points per order as you like.

Can I receive Shine Points if I'm already following you on social media?

Yes, just message us at and we'll add Shine Points to your account.

How often can I earn Shine Points for 'Sharing on Facebook'?

Once a month.

Why didn't I receive the 'Celebrate a birthday' discount?

You must enter your birthday at least 30 days in advance to be rewarded.

Referral Program

Can I send the same referral link to multiple people?

Yes, you can use the same link for all your friends. Once they make a purchase, then you will receive your reward.