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Solar Powered Backpack

The Ultimate Outdoor Companion

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The only backpack designed to hold GoSun's portable solar products. Keep all your portable off-grid items in one place.  Perfect for travel, picnic, or as a survival bug out bag.  Ideal for school.  Keeps your phone always charged, plus  light. Backpack includes the 10 watt solar phone charger, a 18wh lithium battery, LED light, Flatware, and large all weather Poncho. 

Weight & Dimensions

18 " x 13 " x 5"
weight  3 lbs

Upgrade to GoSun Pro Solar Backpack
In stock

One Year Warranty

We have one year warranty for GoSun Solar Powered Backpack

Light On The Go

Our backpack is the only solar backpack that includes a powerful LED camping light that gives you the ability to see into the backpack when traveling, and to even light your tent or campsite.

Charge On The Go

Included is a large 10-watt solar panel and lithium battery, for you to capture and store solar energy to charge your devices even in the most remote locations, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without being totally off the grid.

The Ultimate Outdoor Companion

For Daypacking, Travelling, Hiking etc

Great Bug-out Backpack

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